Representative: Lê Khắc Hiệp

Address: 4C6 quarter C 14 Tran Phu, P. Van Quan, Q. Ha Dong, Tp. Hanoi

VPGD: A30TT9 – Van Quan – Ha Dong – Hanoi

Phone Number: 0433546432       Email: lekhachiep@gmail.com

Business Permit no.: 0107272126     *    Issued date: 29/12/2015

Permit given at: Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment

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When users have a dispute with each other on adtjob.net, it is encouraged that both sides try to come to a mutual conclusion and resolving any problem about transaction (if any)

Under the circumstances that both sides cannot come to a mutual conclusion, please contact us for support. We are willing to receive complaints from you and we will act as a middle person to help both sides reach an agreement in the fastest, fairest way. Please send us your complaints if you have any:

  • Please send us message through the Contact Us page
  • Direct feedback:
  • +84 986.435.152 or +1 6468.956.945

After receiving the notification, we will process the information and confirm its validity, then we will contact all related party within 5 days.

Adtjob.net with the related party will try to solve the issue through negotiation. We will do the best in our ability to actively support both parties’ interests and legal rights. For cases where one party defame or damage the other’s party financially, compensation must be issued.

On the occasion which the dispute cannot be resolved within the community, both parties should move the case to higher legal department to be judged under current laws

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  1. Benefits of being a member of adtjob.net

– Users of the Recruitment Website adtjob.net will have free membership fee. Membership fee is the amount of money paid to take part in recruitment activity on adtjob.net.

– Users will be given an unique account name and a password to log in to use and manage the provided service on recruitment website adtjob.net.

– Users will be offered help on how to use our tools and application to build up and perform transaction, as well as utilizing provided service on adtjob.net

– Members will be granted special promotion that adtjob.net and other third party partner. These promotions will be shown on the website or sent directly to the member.

– Users are free to give feedback. Please send it to us through mail, fax or email that were listed on our website adtjob.net

  1. Members responsibility

– The user is responsible for keeping secret and storing all information regarding to his/her own account such as password, account name and email. The user must report to adtjob.net when there is a problem.

– Guaranteeing that the provided information for adtjob.net is factually correct and complete

– User must not use our website adtjob.net for fraudulent or illegal purpose or to mean harm toward someone else, or to create and spread malicious software with the purpose of destroying or stealing adtjob.net information. If user violates this rule by any mean, legal action will be taken.

– User must not change, copy, distribute and provide tools that are similar to adtjob.net to a third party if not agreed upon based on the rules mentioned.

– User MUST not reveal their transaction information to any other third party.

– User must not, under any means infiltrate, alter, distribute or destroy the data belong to adtjob.net. Any violation will be judged by current Vietnamese law.

– Adtjob.net/vi User must not take part in any action with the purpose of defaming or deliberately trying to damage the website’s reputation such as creating more than one account, creating conflict between users, spreading false information that could create a false image of adtjob.net

  1. adtjob.net administrator’s rights

– Administrators of Adtjob.net can access and administrate all information posted on the website

– Refuse, pause or stop providing service to individual or organization who are proven to give adtjob.net falsified information or going against the law and ethics of Vietnam.

– Deny one or all services to an individual or organization that violate the rules or taking action that causes harm to the website.

– Adtjob.net holds the license to use all service listed on adtjob.net according to Vietnamese law. “Recruitment website adtjob.net” and all related icons, logo, contents in all language are under the ownership of adtjob.net. All action including illegally replicating, reusing and distributing are strictly forbidden.

  1. adtjob.net administrator’s responsibility

– Adtjob.net is responsible for checking and monitoring to make sure that information that is submitted by user under the current law.

– Adtjob.net must follow all Vietnamese laws regarding online businesses.

– Must always monitor its users and partners to ensure safety of all members, as well as always available to resolve conflict and disagreement between users.

– Adtjob.net will work with its partner in developing and building services and tools that will be beneficial for its users.

– Adtjob.net is responsible for developing and building knowledge and information about: foreign trade, online business, and legal documents both domestic and international that relates to adtjob.net

– Adtjob.net will do its best in maintaining the website’s activity.

– Adtjob.net is responsible for resolving problems that happens between users timely and fair. We are responsible for helping both sides come to a mutual conclusion, but should it fail, the issue will be handled by legal departments

  1. Terms of agreement
  • Having registered as a user means you agree to the above terms by default  .
  • If you have any question please contact us using the information below

Recruitment website Adtjob.net/vi

ADT International Limited

Office building 1:  A30 TT9 Van Quan, Ha Dong, Hanoi, Vietnam

Contact Number: 0432004958

Email: support@adtjob.net


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Privacy Policies

These privacy policies only applies to information that we acquired on adtjob.net and not the information that we acquires through other means or websites that was linked to from adtjob.net

I. Privacy Policies and guarantee of safe transaction

Adtjob.net has several policies in regard of the safety of our customers and their business as follows:

Customer’s information security is our top priority in order to create the best experience for you. We guarantee that the usage of the provided information only serves to enhance and improve our customer service and creating a safe, convenient and helpful system here at adtjob.net

Adtjob.net hereby declares that the usage of the provided information is only the following:

– Provide additional packages in order to improve customer service

– Resolving issues stem from the usage of adtjob.net website

– Stopping businesses that go against Vietnamese current laws

Adtjob.net guarantees that the information provided won’t be sold, shared or leaked.

Users must NOT provide information about their transaction or businesses to any third party

Users must NOT under any form nor circumstances interfere with, access illegally, destroying or leaking the database or the system.

Any violation will be judged under the current law. All information of users provided on adtjob.net will be secured and kept secret unless requested by legal departments.

Adtjob.net understands that protecting our customer’s information is our responsibility.

If you have any question in regard to our privacy policy, please contact

Hotline: 0432004958

Email: support@adtjob.net

II. Purpose of collecting and the information collected

Purpose of collecting the information

The information collected only serves to support and improve our service and to create a safe and convenient environment on adtjob.net

We guarantee that the collected information won’t be traded, sold or shared with any unaffiliated third party.

The above information will be used for the purposes listed as follow:

  • Transaction confirmation
  • Customer service and customer care activities of adtjob.net
  • Process orders and service delivery through our website.
  • Help securing accounts, confirming and executing the transaction (if any) of the customer.
  • Inform customers of good deals and promotion program on adtjob.net
  • Resolving problems stem from the usage of the service
  • Prevent action that goes against current Vietnamese law
  • Guarantee that customers’ information are accessed secretly and does not leak to any third party

Information acquisition and boundary:

Adtjob.net acquires the following information through various means:

  • Your personal information required for account creation, such as: Name and Email Address
  • Other fields may requires your address, phone number, transaction information or your website’s URL, but only fields marked with an asterisk (*) will be compulsory
  • Adtjob.net will also collect other personal information regarding the customer including age, priorities, gender, hobbies, etc…
  • Website Adtjob.net/vi. Right after registering you can log in with your account to use Adtjob.net service that has been tailored with the provided information
  • Outside of information required for registration, we sometimes might ask for your personal information when you post a recruitment notice or utilize other service of the website. If you contact us, we can keep a memo about the conversation.

All website within adtjob.net domain are subjected to these rules and have a link to them.

What do we use our information for?

When you provide your information on adtjob.net, you have given your consent to allow adtjob.net and related company and departments that belongs to adtjob.net to use those information for the following purposes:

  • To run and improve adtjob.net, to improve customer experience and to introduce you to our other products and services.
  • Inform you about products and services that are provided by us or our partnered company, or to inquire you about your satisfaction with us
  • To send you email or other notification about your account on adtjob.net
  • In addition to that, you are free to choose whether to receive information about including but not limited to our promotional program, our news channel or things you might be interested in.

We have a section for you to contact us. Any feedback given will be our property and we have full right over using those stories (for example, success story) for commercial purpose or to contact you for more information.

tin Duration and information expiration date

Your personal information will be stored until requested for deletion or is deleted by the user themselves. In any other circumstances, the information will be stored inside adtjob.net main server.

Means to access and edit personal information

– You can edit and delete the information stored in the account any time after logging in.

– If you forgot your password, please use our password recovery through email. We will then process your request and send you the information of your account.

– You may delete your account, but that means you will forfeit your right to access any service that requires log in on our website.

Information acquisition and management unit

Recruitment Website Adtjob.net

VPGD: A30 TT9 Van Quan residential area, Ha Dong, Hanoi, Vietnam


Email: support@adtjob.net

Privacy Protection commitment:

Adtjob.net will not sell nor trade nor share information regarding to the customers for any reasons mentioned in the Privacy Policy.

Adtjob.net won’t share information regarding the user unless under those specific following circumstances:

– Under legal obligation or when we deem it necessary for legal purpose.

– To protect adtjob.net and other third parties: We only give out other personal information when we are sure that it’s under legal circumstances, to protect the rights and assets of the service user, adtjob.net and other third party.

– Under any other circumstances, we only provide the information to the third party after we contact the user and were granted the consent.

– If user files a claim related to Privacy security, adtjob.net will perform the verification to understand if the claim is correct. If the claim happens to be correct, the website will work with the user to solve the problem under friendly spirit. If both sides fail to come to a mutual conclusion, the issue will be filed to Court to be solved under current law.

Our privacy policy only applies to adtjob.net and does not apply for advertisement or any third party website linked from us.

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Recruitment Website adtjob.net is made, developed and ran by ADT International. The members of this website are entrepreneur, organization, individual that takes part in legal business that was confirmed and accepted by Recruitment Website adtjob.net, and was granted the permission to use the services that will be provided by ADTJOB.NET and other related party

I. General Regulations

– This regulation contains rules that are absolute on any personnel, organization that takes part in the Recruitment Website (which will hereby be called RW ADTJOB.NET or adtjob.net for short) in order to create a fair environment that allows users to post information related to employing or access information published by other users, or interact with each other through the RW ADTJOB.NET.

– Organization and individuals that uses the RW adtjob.net is under the obligation of following the provided rules and regulations

– Transactions done on adtjob.net must fulfill all legal requirements relating to online business and must not be illegal according to Vietnamese law system

– Transactions done on adtjob.net must be fair, transparent with necessary information and visual information provided

– The information that users provide for adtjob.net are correct, complete and absolutely true

– All the rules and regulations provided follow Vietnamese’s current law. Users taking part in any activity on this platform must follow the rules provided by adtjob.net.

II. General rules

– The name of the Recruitment Website is http://adtjob.net

The Recruitment Website adtjob.net is operated by ADT International with the URL http://adtjob.net. Adtjob.net is only used to provide information about the products. Other information might only display to members. If a member wishes to use the service provided by the website, that member must provide relevant and accurate information about oneself and must update accordingly. Users hold themselves responsible for keeping their account’s information and password. Users are also fully responsible for action taken under the name of their account.

– Business platform: https://Adtjob.net

Outside of the above website, the company possesses no other platform.

– Online Exchange purpose

– Provide employing service and other legal service

– Other businesses done on adtjob.net are under the effect of laws relating to laws and regulations related to the aforementioned goods and services.

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ADTJOB.NET is built with the purpose of connecting employers and employee. We support employers in finding the most suitable candidate and employee in finding the best and the most trustworthy firms.

Vision, Mission and the Core Value of ADTJOB.NET

Vision: In 5 years ADTJOB will be the most efficient and trustworthy job website in the world


– To employers: Help in solving employing problems, finding the most suitable candidate

– To employee: Help in achieving the dream job

Core Values: With our positivity, sincerity and friendliness, we will be the helper and the fellow traveller of our customers in our road to success.

Aside of providing employing market, we also have several different services listed below:

Untitled Business Portal: adtportal.net
 Untitled Education: adtedu.net
  Online Marketing: adtweb.net
 Untitled12 Business Social Network: adtnetwork.com
  Host and domain service: adserver.com


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Queequeg removed himself to just beyond the head of the sleeper, and lighted his tomahawk pipe. We kept the pipe passing over the sleeper, from one to the other. Meanwhile, upon questioning him in his broken fashion, Queequeg gave me to understand that, in his land, owing to the absence of settees and sofas of all sorts, the king, chiefs, and great people generally, were in the custom of fattening some of the lower orders for ottomans.

I was going to warn ye against — but never mind, never mind — it’s all one, all in the family too — sharp frost this morning, ain’t it? The cabin entrance was locked within; the hatches were all on, and lumbered with coils of rigging. Going forward to the forecastle, we found the slide of the scuttle open. Seeing a light, we went down, and found only an old rigger there, wrapped in a tattered pea-jacket. He was thrown at whole length upon two chests, his face downwards and inclosed in his folded arms. The profoundest slumber slept upon him.

But it seemed that, when on the wharf, Queequeg had not at all noticed what I now alluded to; hence I would have thought myself to have been optically deceived in that matter, were it not for Elijah’s otherwise inexplicable question. But I beat the thing down; and again marking the sleeper, jocularly hinted to Queequeg that perhaps we had best sit up with the body; telling him to establish himself accordingly. He put his hand upon the sleeper’s rear, as though feeling if it was soft enough; and then, without more ado, sat quietly down there.

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Queequeg removed himself to just beyond the head of the sleeper, and lighted his tomahawk pipe. We kept the pipe passing over the sleeper, from one to the other. Meanwhile, upon questioning him in his broken fashion, Queequeg gave me to understand that, in his land, owing to the absence of settees and sofas of all sorts, the king, chiefs, and great people generally, were in the custom of fattening some of the lower orders for ottomans.

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Queequeg removed himself to just beyond the head of the sleeper, and lighted his tomahawk pipe. We kept the pipe passing over the sleeper, from one to the other. Meanwhile, upon questioning him in his broken fashion, Queequeg gave me to understand that, in his land, owing to the absence of settees and sofas of all sorts, the king, chiefs, and great people generally, were in the custom of fattening some of the lower orders for ottomans.

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